Film Submission FAQ



Can I re-submit my film once entered at ViBGYOR?

No. ViBGYOR does not accept re-submissions. If you have specific questions, please contact

If my film is selected to screen at another Indian film festival, is it still eligible for submission to ViBGYOR?

Yes. But films premiered in Thrissur before ViBGYOR will not accepted

Do you accept series?

ViBGYOR exhibits one-off documentaries and omnibus feature docs. If your submission is part of a series, it will be considered but must be a stand-alone portion. It should not be an episode from a television show.

How many films can I submit?

You can submit as many films as you like, but DO NOT put multiple projects on the same DVD disc. Each film should be registered separately online, paying the Entry fee and meeting all eligibility requirements. Once you get the Registration/Entry number for each film, you could send them all as ONE bundle.

Do you accept rough-cuts?

We strongly encourage filmmakers to submit finished versions of their films. ViBGYOR does not exhibit works-in-progress. If you would like to submit a rough-cut for Selection Preview, please contact



What is your preferred submission format?

We do accept higher resolution formats like HD as Final Exhibition copy. However, we prefer to have 2 DVD copies of each film for preview to make the Selection process easier (as we explined earlier, online screeners are also accepted for selection).


Explain `Film Spectrum’:

This year we only have TWO spectrums. One may enter films under `Focus of the Year’ package or  `Malayalam Short Fiction’ package. The theme for the `Focus of the Year-2017’ package is ‘DISSENT.

How do you decide if a film falls under National (Indian) or International category?

Any film with 51 per cent or more Indian financing is considered an Indian film. The filmmaker’s country of birth and residence are also determining factors.


How do you determine Country of Production?

Country of Production is generally determined by place of birth/permanent residence of the filmmaker(s) and/or the country/countries where the financing for the film comes from. In distinguishing between Indian (in view of Film Fellowship) and International entries, our general rule is that any film with 51 per cent or more financing  from inside India is considered an Indian film.

Film stills and Photograph of the Director/s for Publicity

We need a high resolution film still (not less than 2MB) from each film for print & publicity purpose, especially to publish in our Film Festival Catalogue. You should upload a high quality film still along with your Online Film submission, where it is indicated in the Film Entry form. You also need to upload a photograph of the Director/s.



All films will be previewed by a pre-selection jury consisting eminent persons from the field of film, media and social sciences. They will select films for programming as per the guidelines issued by the ViBGYOR Festival Directorate

When will I find out if my film has been selected?

The selected film list will be posted on the ViBGYOR website, by first week of July 2017.  We will contact only filmmakers of all selected films via email/phone. Please note that we will only contact the `primary contact’ listed on your entry form.

If my film is not selected, may I speak with the Festival Office for notes or comments?

Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions we cannot provide notes or comments on films selected/not selected for the Festival (unless as part of the `Filmmaker’s Workshop/Interface’ during the Festival, which you may choose to attend. The film selection Jury members will be present at the festival)