Festival Director Note

ViBGYOR is coming back to the space it created in the last twelve editions with new learning. The learning is on multiple levels and it has definitely helped the collective move on with increased spirit in all that it believed in.

We as film enthusiasts who believe in democratic values aspire a lot from such a gathering. This year, together we move on to reaffirm our faith in sisterhood/ brotherhood and collective action for the conservation of life on earth.

In this light, the collective wishes to hold hands with the bearers of the sidelined, alternative histories. In this edition of ViBGYOR they come together to share their versions of history with others from the margins. This coming together gives them the energy to outlive the hurdles and obstacles that their communities and collectives face every day. While listening to these `People’s Narratives’ from the fringes, those individuals, our journalist friends working in mainstream media, may have their own stories of the dreams they had when they initially entered media industry and the disappointment they may be undergoing now for various reasons. And we do find alternative stories of innovative experiments in Kerala and elsewhere in India, towards shaping an independent and fearless media movement by some New and Online Media pioneers.

We hope this season of ViBGYOR, becomes another sure reason for reaffirming our beliefs in people’s histories and their dreams, moving ahead with the true collective spirit!

In Solidarity

Asha Achy Joseph