Participation | Volunteers

ViBGYOR International Film Festival is an initiative of volunteers, young and old, who wish to THINK different and ACT different.

The 6-day festival and its associated activities before or after happen mainly around Thrissur and its surroundings. Thrissur is a small town; perhaps not big enough to host an international film festival. But for the past seven years there have been miracles happening out of the Small; and filmmakers, delegates and volunteers who have come from different parts of the world have witnessed these miracles and have done their role well in order to make miracles happen. The main share of these miracles comes from our young volunteers, who come from different college campuses, especially from Northern Kerala.

Every year we conduct a Young Volunteers Training Camp, where ViBGYOR themes, concerns and politics are discussed and debated. Apt films are screened at such Youth camps and they help in animation and discussion. Invigorated from these training sessions our Young volunteers get ready to work in any capacities under different departments of the ViBGYOR Film Festival or its outreach programmes.

Invitation to volunteer for ViBGYOR Film Festival is extended not simply to young people, but to anyone and everyone, to all age groups and profession, of any nation, far or near. No matter where you are and what do you do now, DO consider participating in the upcoming 8th Edition of ViBGYOR Film Festival as a volunteer.

Call Sarat (9809477058 )or Sarat Cheloor ( 9447546417) or write to and register your name as a Volunteer!