ViBGYOR Film Festival is an international short and documentary film festival held annually in Thrissur City in Kerala state of India. ViBGYOR Film Festival is organised by ViBGYOR Film collective, a coalition of Chetana Media Institute, Nottam Traveling Film Festival, Navachitra Film Society, Visual Search, Moving Republic, Cense, GAIA.

Signature Film 2019

13th ViBGYOR - Mazhavilmela

International Short & Documentary Film Festival

Focus Theme: Rebooting `new India’?

ViBGYOR International Short and Documentary Film Festival, Thrissur, Kerala, is entering its 13th year. The festival is a celebration of human spirit, expressed through the medium of cinema, with its inherent nobility and diversity. It covers the living experience of millions of people across the globe, witnessed and retold in the form of documentary and short fiction films, by a number of skilled and committed filmmakers from different parts of the world. The films, which talk about the struggles of people for survival and for identity and dignity, find the right audiences at ViBGYOR. The four-day Film festival creates space for a constructive interface between filmmakers, activists, leaders of people’s movements, academicians, students and common people from diverse streams of life. The 13th Edition of ViBGYOR Festival is scheduled for November 07-10 at different venues in the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Campus. The Focus of the Year theme for this edition is `Rebooting: New India?’ We begin the Festival with the 8th C. Saratchandran Memorial Lecture delivered by Ms. Anuradha Bhasin, Executive editor of Kashmir Times and a fearless media and human rights activist, who successfully brought the issue of Kashmir and Kashmiri people in to the Supreme Court filing a case for press freedom and freedom for all people of Kashmir. At the festival, apart from the Memorial Lecture and screening of around 50 films, there will be discussion forums, namely `Mini Conferences’, Media dialogue on the topic `MANY INDIAS: Peoples’ Narratives and Media Narratives’ and the ‘ViBGYOR Campaign: Forest Rights’.

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MANY INDIAS: Peoples’ Narratives, Media Narratives

2019, November 09-10. An interface between Legacy Media, New Media, Peoples’ Media and New Social Movements

C.Saratchchandran Memorial Lecture

The Memorial Lecture is conducted every year along the ViBGYOR Film Festival since 2011, in memory of C. Saratchandran,…

Festival Director Note

ViBGYOR is coming back to the space it created in the last twelve editions with new learning. The learning is on…