Organizers | Film Collective

ViBGYOR Film Collective, a charitable society registered (Reg. No: R-192/07) under Travancore-Cochin Societies Registration Act 1955, is the legal body that organizes the ViBGYOR Annual Film Festival and the associated activities. It was registered as a Society on 4th April 2007 and later as a Film Society with Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI). ViBGYOR Film Collective is conceived as an open coalition of various networks and groups, representing Indigenous People, Dalits, Youth, South Asian Relations, Human Rights, Environment and Development, Women’s Issues, Globalisation, Labour, Culture and Media etc. at national and South Asian level. 

The seven organizations that initiated the ViBGYOR Festival and formed the ViBGYOR Film Collective are:

Chetana Media Institute (Thrissur) | Nottam Traveling Film Festival (Thiruvananthapuram) | Visual Search (Bangalore) | CenSE-Centre for Social Education (Thrissur) | GAIA-Global Alternate Information Applications (Thrissur) | Moving Republic (Bangalore) | Navchitra Film Society (Thrissur)
Eventually the following groups have joined the Collective as Partner Organizations:
  • National Adivasi Andolan (Koorg)
  • 2. INSAF (New Delhi)
  • 3. The Other Media (New Delhi)
  • 4. Vikas Adyayan Kendra-VAK (Mumbai)
  • 5. Orissa Development Action Forum-ODAF (Bhuvaneshwar)
  • 6. Integral Development of Weaker Sections in India-WIDA (Bhuvaneswar)
  • 7. Deccan Development Society (Hyderabad)
  • 8. Community Media Trust (Hyderabad)
  • 9. SICHREM (Bangalore)
  • 10. Environment Support Group-ESG(Bangalore)
  • 11. Abhivyakti (Nasik)
  • 12. Visthar (Bangalore)
  • 13. Focus on Global South (New Delhi)
  • 14. New Socialist Alliance (Bangalore)
  • 15. Kerala Swathantra Matya Thozhilazhi Federation (Thiruvanthapuram)
  • 16. Maruppakkam (Madurai)
  • 17. Student Christian Movemnet-SCM (Bangalore) 
  • 18. Kabani (Thiruvanthapuram)
  • 19. Video Volunteers (Goa)
  • 20. Sangat South Asia (New Delhi)
  • 21. Labour File (Delhi)
  • 22. Sangama (Bangalore)
Any organization or movement or institution that shows willingness to be part of the ViBGYOR Film Collective and its projects and activities, is considered a ViBGYOR Partner Organization/Partner. 

The General Body

The General Body of ViBGYOR Film Collective consists of 150 members, anyone residing in India but has been part of ViBGYOR Festival for at least one year. The General Body elects its Executive Committee. Out of the 150 membership to the General Body, 100 memberships are kept open and 50 are reserved for members of the ViBGYOR Film Fraternity and other supporters of ViBGYOR, like activists, academics, filmmakers and others working in different areas pertaining to the broader political concerns of ViBGYOR. ViBGYOR Film Festival Directorate, consisting of representatives from the different organizations forming part of the ViBGYOR Collective, is the body that plans and coordinates the ViBGYOR Annual Festival and its associated activities.

Executive Committee

The administration of the society is under the supervision of the Executive Committee consisting of 15 members, seven nominated by the seven founding organizations, and eight openly elected.

The present members of the Executive Committee are:
President: Ms. Lilly Thomas
Vice President: Sarat Cheloor
Vice President: Ms. Najumul Shahi
Secretary: Mustafa Desamanagalam
Joint Secretaries: Loui Mathew & Ms. Remya
Treasurer: Hirosh Babu
National Coordinators : K. P. Sasi & Dr. Benny Benedict
Nominated/Elected Members:
Dr. Asha Joseph
T. N. Prasannakumar
Lesley Augustine
Anivar Aravind
Shaji T. U