Participation | Support ViBGYOR

Number Seven is very special to ViBGYOR; seven colors may make it a rainbow; but we want to go further beyond and embrace all possible, imaginable hues and shades of these seven colours. The ViBGYOR Film Collective, the registered society that runs the ViBGYOR International Film Festival and its associated activities, was born in 2006 and was formally registered in 2007. The initiative to conceive and launch ViBGYOR came from a group of 7 organizations; call them the `founding organizations, if you wish. But ViBGYOR is still in a process of being formed, redefined and remoulded; and always it will be. Now ViBGYOR is a coalition of many organizations, movements and individuals, who support its growth in many different ways.

Though ViBGYOR has progressed admirably on the organizational part of the festival since the first edition, its financial status is still instable and insecure. This is because we have not so far depended on any corporate funding, but always have sought support from people individuals, organizations and agencies/foundations. We believe that the involvement of the people in resource mobilization is as important as their role in the organization of the festival and all allied activities. This people component is an essential to the character of ViBGYOR.

Ways in which you could SUPPORT ViBGYOR:

  • You can become a Member of ViBGYOR General Body, fulfilling the conditions of membership
  • You can be non-member of ViBGYOR, but still participate in its events by buying a Delegate/Family Pass for the annual festival and also contributing to the occasional activities.
  • You can solicit grants/sponsorships on behalf of ViBGYOR from private/public agencies or departments.
  • You can offer an annual contribution to the `C. Saratchandran-ViBGYOR Film Fellowship Fund (details as separate link) and support a budding filmmaker in her/his upcoming film project.
  • You could be anywhere in the world, but still could support ViBGYOR by buying a ViBGYOR Film Fraternity Membership. We have 3 types of Fraternity Membership options: Life Members (those who contribute INR 25,000 or $500 as one time contribution), Patron Members (those who contribute INR 10000 or $250) Associate Members (those who contribute INR 5,000 or $100 annually) and Members (those who contribute INR 1,000 or $30 annually).